Mass State Auto and Commercial Inspections

In the state of Massachusetts automobiles must be inspected for safety and emissions annually.

What to expect at your car inspection….
Upon dropping off your keys and registration and leaving your car with the seatbelts buckled, your car will be taken inside the inspection bay where the following will happen:

  • Registration is checked
  • A walk around visual inspection of the automobile is completed
    • License plates
    • Glass
    • Sharp edges
    • Rust holes
    • Air bag light
    • Check engine light
    • Brake light
  • Then, these items will be tested
    • Lights
    • Wipers/washers
    • Horn
    • Safety belts, buckles (wear, proper operation)
    • Emergency brake
    • Suspension and undercarriage checked
  • Finally, a computerized Emissions Test will be completed and a new inspection sticker mounted on your automobile window.
  • If there are issues with your automobile and it does not pass the inspection please go to for detailed instructions. This website gives clear and exact steps about what you will need to do. (Go to the tab titled: What if my Vehicle Doesn’t Pass Inspection)

For more detailed information about any aspect of Massachusetts State Automobile Inspections, is a great resource!!

You have
16 days left
to get your car inspected!